The cast of Once Upon a Time at SDCC 2014


The cast of #OnceUponATime looks magical on the #TVGMYacht at #SDCC this morning. @OnceABC


Conclusion: Hans is genderswap Ariel (wearing Eric’s clothes)



HERE they look like their characters <3

(I still want that jacket so badly.)

Once Upon a Time Set Pictures 16/07/2014 feat. Josh Dallas, Jennifer Morrison, Colin O’Donoghue & Ginnifer Goodwin (x)

Which is better: the hats or the suspenders?


Once Upon a Time was nominated for an Emmy Award for costumes. 

I don’t know why picture not available but I find it hilarious and points to what ABC thought of their chances in any marquee categories (which, fair).


inspired by [X]

Jennifer Morrison, a real life queen Elsa.

"I hate you"