HERE they look like their characters <3

(I still want that jacket so badly.)

Once Upon a Time Set Pictures 16/07/2014 feat. Josh Dallas, Jennifer Morrison, Colin O’Donoghue & Ginnifer Goodwin (x)

Which is better: the hats or the suspenders?


Once Upon a Time was nominated for an Emmy Award for costumes. 

I don’t know why picture not available but I find it hilarious and points to what ABC thought of their chances in any marquee categories (which, fair).


inspired by [X]

Jennifer Morrison, a real life queen Elsa.

"I hate you"


"But then, having done it, I did enjoy it, because I feel like you get to… I don’t know, you just transform in a way where you feel like you’re in a totally different world, and everything feels heightened and different."

Aaron Taylor-Johson has The Smolder DOWN.

Calling all Emma fanfic writers!


This is something we’ve been curious about for a while, and on the heels of the finale, it’s the best time for it.

We really want to speak to fanfic writers on how you write Emma Swan. We’d ask you to do the discussion over Skype (so we can record it) and we’re wanting to hear from writers of the following ships. 

  • Captain Swan
  • Swan Queen  *think we got a writer*
  • Wooden Swan
  • Gremma
  • Swanfire

We’d speak to you each individually, and then use all the sound bites in an episode! 

If you’re interested, email us at or send a message in our “ask”